'Arthur' Character Mr. Ratburn Has Gay Wedding on PBS Kids Cartoon

'Arthur' Character Mr. Ratburn Has Gay Wedding on PBS Kids Cartoon

Nigel Ratburn is off the market!

The animated children's series Arthur entered its 22nd season with a celebration in an episode titled "Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone". That's right, in Monday's premiere episode, the famous character is marrying the man of his dreams. That cheery children's show that you watched back in the day at 3pm on ABC when you got home from school?

He's been the teacher to Arthur, Buster and Francine for years but outside of the classroom - and his love of cake - not much has been known about Mr Ratburn's personal life.

Mr. Ratburn enjoyed his first dance with his husband.

This paranoia only grows when the gang spots Mr. Ratburn having lunch with an uptight woman (voiced by special guest star Jane Lynch), who tells Mr. Ratburn that he's "too soft" and needs to "toughen up". The groom in question was a man named Patrick and owned a chocolate shop in the fictional town.

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"It's a brand-new world", Buster adds.

The outlet also reported that Mr. Ratburn isn't the first openly gay character in the "Arthur" universe. See some of the positive responses (and congratulatory messages for Mr. Ratburn) below. Do you know how fantastic it is that someone who's been on the show from the start, someone who's a main character, is openly gay and getting married on a kids show? PBS Kids really is that b****. Plus, all his students are at his wedding!'

'Congratulations Mr. Ratburn, ' the organization wrote.

Mr. Ratburn from the beloved children's show "Arthur" comes out as gay in the season 22 premiere of the show. Not only that, but the show promoted same-sex marriage in what has been considered an "incredibly heartwarming" episode.

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