Attorney general picks prosecutor to investigate FBI's Trump inquiry

President Trump on Tuesday said he was in the dark about his attorney general's appointment of a federal prosecutor to scrutinize the origins of the Justice Department's Russian Federation probe - but that he welcomed the news. "I didn't know it, but I think it's a great thing that he did it".

A redacted version of his final report, released in mid-April, documented numerous contacts between Trump's campaign and Russian officials, but found insufficient evidence to substantiate a conspiracy between the campaign and Moscow.

"I am so proud of our attorney general that he is looking into it", Trump said.

Trump has insisted that the Russian Federation investigation was politically motivated and concocted from false allegations to spy on his campaign and ultimately undermine his presidency.

President Trump criticized FBI Director Christopher A. Wray on Tuesday, saying he gave a "ridiculous answer" during congressional testimony last week when he declined to characterize an FBI investigation of Trump campaign advisers in 2016 as "spying".

Clapper went on to say "we're kind of losing sight" of the fact that the investigation was caused by Russia's interfere with American political institutions and their attempts to engage with President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign.

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Durham's inquiry, which will focus on whether the government's methods to collect intelligence relating to the Trump campaign were lawful and appropriate, is separate from an investigation by the Justice Department's inspector general.

In a speech in Baltimore Monday evening, former deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein said he believed the investigation "was justified, and closing it was not an option".

Trump declined to answer whether he still has confidence in Wray's leadership of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The report also drew no conclusion on whether Trump illegally tried to impede the Mueller probe.

Trump selected him to be the USA attorney in CT, and he was confirmed by the Senate in 2018.

Durham was unanimously confirmed by the Senate in 2018.

Former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder in 2009 tasked Durham to investigate whether the Central Intelligence Agency destroyed tapes of interrogations and abused prisoners in its custody.

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