Australian dies in Alaskan plane crash

Australian dies in Alaskan plane crash

Elsa Wilk is one of the six deceased victims named by Alaska State Troopers late Tuesday.

Randy Sullivan, 46-year-old male, pilot, from Ketchikan, Alaska.

Ten people were rescued and suffered injuries ranging from "arm fractures to ribs to spine to leg", hospital spokesperson Susan Gregg told the Daily News.

Ten people were rescued, the Coast Guard said, and the search continued for two people still missing on Tuesday.

Floatplanes have pontoons mounted under their fuselages so they can land on water.

"We are deeply saddened to report this news and our thoughts and prayers are with those who lost their lives and the families impacted by today's accident", Princess Cruises said in a statement. Part of the voyage, the company's website said, included "scenic glacier viewing" with stops at Juneau, Ketchikan and Skagway.

Australian tourist Simon Bodie has died after two sightseeing seaplanes collided mid-air in Alaska.

The Otter plane, operated by Taquan Air, a regional airline based in Ketchikan, was flying a shore excursion with 10 passengers and a pilot aboard. However, Princess Cruises said all were Americans except for two passengers who had been missing and were from Canada and Australia. As of Tuesday night, three had been discharged.

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The Royal Princess, which can carry up to 3600 people, was among four city-sized cruise ships in the tiny coastal community on the day.

The passenger was from one of two float planes reported down in George Inlet early Monday afternoon and was dropped off by a U.S. Coast Guard 45-foot response boat. Authorities are still searching for one more person.

Coast Guard Captain Stephen White said: "In a remote area such as this, given our limited resources, we rely on our partner agencies and appreciate the support that good Samaritans have rendered to this point".

"This is not the outcome we hoped for and extend our deepest sympathies during this very hard time".

The larger plane was operated by Taquan Air of Ketchikan and passengers booked the flights through the cruise ship as an excursion.

A spokeswoman for the flightseeing company said Taquan has suspended operations while federal authorities investigate the deadly crash.

The National Transportation Safety Board sent a team of at least 10 people headed by lead investigator Aaron Sauer, said NTSB spokesman Keith Holloway.

They will also be requesting information from parties involved and looking at pilot log books, the training and qualifications of the pilots, any possible medical issues, whether flight plans were filed with the companies or FAA, maintenance records for the aircrafts as well as each company's operating procedures and whether those procedures were followed, she said.

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