Bad 'Hombres' Are Being Detained at Border and Sent Home, Trump Says

Bad 'Hombres' Are Being Detained at Border and Sent Home, Trump Says

"The White House has repackaged the worst of its past failed immigration plans: greenlighting the Administration's barbaric family detention policies, reviving the president's ineffective and wasteful wall, completely abandoning our patriotic and determined Dreamers, and gutting our asylum and refugee protections, which the evangelical community has called the 'crown jewel of American humanitarianism, '" said Speaker Pelosi in a statement.

In the absence of such a system, America is losing people who want to start companies, and in many cases, are forced to leave the country and go back to where they came from, he said.

The plan envisages a points-based immigration system that scores merit, age, professional skills, education and proficiency in English language over family ties.

Migrants who made their way to New Mexico through Sunland Park seek rest. Forbes cites one legal analysis finding that under the plan, "immigrants in the green card backlog would lose their place in line and would need to apply under the new point-based system".

Many lawmakers called Trump's immigration plan short on specifics and a non-starter. President Trump's new immigration proposal will be a "merit-based system" that prioritizes high-skilled workers over those with family already in the country and does not address young undocumented immigrants that are part of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

His plans did not address illegal immigration issues in this country.

Although publically supported by the administration, this new immigration plan faces an uphill battle in Congress.

Trump said his new system, with points given for those with advanced degrees, job offers and other attributes, will make it exactly "clear what standards we ask you to achieve". "I just think both sides are going to have a hard time getting together on this". We'll see an increase of wages from that.

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President Trump also announced plans to modernize ports of entry and increase inspections on the border. The details shared with McClatchy show the administration is making an effort to get hard-liners on board by including stronger enforcement measures such as "expediting barrier construction", tightening asylum rules, tracking down those who overstay their visas, and revisions to legal agreements that prevent children from being detained for more than 20 days.

He said bogus asylum seekers take assistance money from legitimate asylum seekers and are beginning to strain government finances.

The commander in chief also charged that numerous asylum seekers from Central America who are flooding across the southern border are making bogus claims. The vast majority of those were families and unaccompanied children, setting a record.

White House officials in recent weeks have struggled to explain why they did not bring in Democrats in an attempt to craft something that had a fighting chance of reaching Trump's desk. He says he wants to recruit the "most brilliant" people to live in the US through a system that rewards talent and brains. It's a position Trump thinks he can sell and probably a position he believes in.

"Yeah, if Mick Mulvaney said that, then he has no right to say that". Trump said in a series of early morning tweets on Friday. A PowerPoint presentation shared with reporters Wednesday referred to the plan as "The Republican Proposal", even though many GOP members had yet to see it.

The bill outlines a coordinated regional response to manage the endemic violence and humanitarian crises in the Northern Triangle countries that are leading many women, children and families to flee.

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He said the healthcare and court systems could be impacted by the move.

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