Black Mirror Season 5 Trailer And Release Date Revealed

Black Mirror Season 5 Trailer And Release Date Revealed

The next series of Black Mirror has been teased by Netflix with a new trailer that's everything you'd want from the dystopian anthology.

Text in the trailer specifically refers to "three new stories", which suggests this might be an incredibly short season. It's unknown for now how long the episodes will be or what their titles are.

Back in December, Netflix dropped the first-ever "choose your own adventure"-style episode of Black Mirror, and the results were.well, let's call them mixed". In other words, it's all very Black Mirror.

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Netflix has described this season as showing "our collective unease with the modern world, with each stand-alone episode a sharp, suspenseful tale exploring themes of contemporary techno-paranoia leading to an unforgettable - and sometimes unsettling - conclusion". Without questioning it, technology has transformed all aspects of our lives; in every home; on every desk; in every palm - a plasma screen; a monitor; a Smartphone - a Black Mirror reflection.

All fans knew was that the MCU's Anthony Mackie and Aquaman's Yahya Abdul-Mateen II would be starring (and also maybe Miley Cyrus) in an episode during the season. After its release, series creator Charlie Brooker hinted that another interactive installment might happen down the road - but not anytime soon.

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