Chelsea Manning is headed back to the slammer

Chelsea Manning is headed back to the slammer

Manning, who was born Bradley Manning, stole and leaked a massive cache of military reports and State Department intelligence to WikiLeaks, which has been identified by USA intelligence agencies as a front for Russian government operations.

A spokesperson for Manning told Reuters earlier that she would argue that the grand jury is only used for investigations and that it is improper to call Manning in order to prepare for trial.

She will remain in custody until she agrees to testify or until the term of the grand jury expires in 18 months, according to the Post.

Judge Anthony Trenga was not impressed with her rationale and said that jail time may cause her to reflect differently on the issue.

"I would rather starve to death than to change my opinion in this regard". President Obama commuted her sentence after she served seven years, in 2017.

United States former intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning has been ordered back to prison after again refusing to testify before an inquiry into Wikileaks.

After Thursday's hearing, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, G. Zachary Terwilliger, told reporters that the "only thing being asked of [Manning] is to answer questions truthfully".

Before her release, she was served with another subpoena requiring her to testify before a new grand jury, which is continuing to investigate WikiLeaks.

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When Chelsea Manning was released from jail last week after the grand jury she was stonewalling was dismissed, I suggested that she really enjoy some hot food and sleeping in a comfortable bed because she probably wouldn't be out for long.

If a judge were to determine that incarcerating Ms. Manning were punitive rather than coercive, Ms. Manning would not be jailed.

The fine would go up to $1,000 a day if she continues to refuse to testify after 60 days, the law enforcement official and a spokesman for her attorneys said.

"I think that this ultimately the goal here is to relitigate the court martial from my perspective".

While she was not at liberty to discuss the specifics of the investigation, she indicated that it also was a probe of Assange and WikiLeaks' actions in 2010. She said the isolation caused her "extraordinary pain" and that she was sometimes in a "dissociative stupor". Swedish prosecutors have reopened an inquiry into rape allegations against him and are seeking to extradite Assange to Sweden.

Concerns about resources for Manning's medical treatments and mental health at Alexandra were raised, though G. Zach Terwilliger, the US attorney, said they have "bent over backwards to accommodate her needs".

He said he hopes that while incarcerated, "Ms. Manning would reflect on the principles she says she's embracing. and whether those views are worth the price she's paying for them". She was sentenced to 35 years in prison in August 2013, although 112 days were thoughtfully removed after the judge ruled that she had been tortured while being held in military prison.

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