Donald Trump buildings face millions in climate fines

Donald Trump buildings face millions in climate fines

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 13: Protesters gather as Mayor Bill De Blasio holds a Green New Deal rally At Trump Tower in New York City on May 13, 2019. Flanked by supporters holding "NYC Green New Deal" signs, de Blasio, who is weighing a 2020 White House bid, declared that he was putting the president's family business on notice for not cutting greenhouse emissions. As a businessman, he's no different. The new law, which goes into effect in three days, is a central component of the OneNYC 2050 Green New Deal, a $14 billion effort aiming to cut down 30 percent of greenhouse emissions by 2030. That's the equivalent of 5,800 cars. The building is on course to be fined $850,871 a year. That's part of last month's landmark New York City Council bill aimed at slashing greenhouse gases.

Almost 70 percent of New York City's greenhouse gas emissions come from its buildings.

But the main facet of the deal is the plan clamp down on emissions from the city's famed skyscrapers with a goal of reducing overall emissions by 40 percent by 2030.

Buildings that fail to meet the marks will be punished by major fines.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio staged a chaotic news conference in the lobby of Trump Tower on Monday in which he touted a city anti-pollution law, was heckled by President Donald Trump's supporters and said he will announce this week whether he's running for president. The landmark Trump property has been called "one of the city's least energy-efficient buildings".

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Federal authorities and de Blasio were initially supposed to have agreed on a new chairman and CEO for the scandal-rocked authority in April, but have now extended the deadline by a total of 90 days, to July 1. We are showing that you can make real, progressive change on the ground here.

Television footage of the event shows Trump fans upstaging the speakers by riding on the escalators behind the podium and holding signs with messages like "Failed Mayor", "Worst Mayor Ever" and "Trump 2020". Just like we've seen cities all over America pick up on our Pre-K plan, or Vision Zero, or our affordable housing plan. The city has vowed to divest its pension funds of fossil fuel investments and attempted to sue major oil companies for their role in the climate crisis.

What did de Blasio say?

The president's son Eric Trump, who is helping to run the Trump Organization during his father's presidency, responded to de Blasio in a tweet late Monday afternoon. The aim is to make the city carbon neutral by 2050 with an emphasis on forcing all private and public building owners to modernize their infrastructure.

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