Frank celebrates 'whopper of a win' with Burger King contract

Frank celebrates 'whopper of a win' with Burger King contract

While it's important to engage in discussions about the reality of depression and mental health issues, it's hard to separate the brand's social conscience from its shrewd marketing schemes, and the fact that it appears as though Burger King is suggesting you can cure your depression with a Whopper meal. Global fast food giant Burger King announced the introduction of the Impossible Whopper at selected stores, offering customers a decidedly greener version of its most iconic hamburger. Because of its resounding success, Burger King's parent company Restaurant Brands International Inc. made a decision to roll out the Impossible Whopper in more branches across the United States.

The embrace of plant-based foods by fast food restaurants reflects a growing consumer demand for veggie options, even among consumers who aren't full-time vegans or vegetarians. Burger King for a limited time will let you order a "Pissed Meal".

The Burger King website lists its regular Whopper as containing 660 calories, while the Impossible patty packs in about 240 calories, with eight grams of fat, 370mg sodium and 19g protein, obtained from a soy-protein concentrate. The product is created to give the customers another option if they want to eat a burger every day, but not eat beef or any kind of meat. According to Burger King, its Impossible Whopper sandwiches are flame-grilled like their meat counterparts. The company aims to offer people the taste and nutritional benefits of meat without the negative health and environmental impacts associated with livestock products. They announced they'd be testing a whopper with a vegan patty from Impossible Foods.

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"It's really hard to distinguish between the Impossible Whopper and the first Whopper", he explained.

"And we're going to target a national rollout toward the end of the year, if guest reaction continues to remain as strong as we've seen in St Louis". The California-based company is the maker of the Impossible Burger. 5,000 restaurants in the country already have the Impossible Burger on their menus, such as Red Robin and White Castle.

"It seems like the world is coming around", said Brown in a statement.

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