Fuel truck hits plane destined for Sudbury at Toronto Pearson airport

Fuel truck hits plane destined for Sudbury at Toronto Pearson airport

Five people have been hospitalized following an airplane's collision with a fuel tank truck at Toronto's Pearson Airport.

Peel Regional Police told CP24 the driver of the fuel truck was charged with one count of unsafe driving.

A spokeswoman for the Greater Toronto Airports Authority said the plane was moving toward the gate when it struck the fuel truck on the tarmac. She said the person who remains in hospital was a passenger on the flight. It did not specify if the injured were passengers, crew or airport workers. Emergency personnel arrived at the scene and transported three crew members and two passengers to a local hospital for further evaluation. The plane had been heading to Sudbury, but returned to Pearson due to bad weather.

The GTAA said passengers and crew were "evacuated safely" and moved into Terminal 1 following the collision.

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Toronto Pearson is the busiest airport in Canada and features five runways.

"At 1:36 a.m.an Air Canada Jazz aircraft came into contact with a Menzies fuel truck while taxiing on the apron", Toronto Pearson tweeted.

The Transportation Safety Board has been notified and an investigation is being conducted.

The aircraft and vehicle were removed and there was no operational impact on the airport.

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