'Game of Thrones' character names being given to more newborns

'Game of Thrones' character names being given to more newborns

"Best season ever!" she sarcastically replied when asked if she was happy with how things concluded.

HBO dropped the trailer for the final episode of season 8 - also the series finale - at the end of Sunday's penultimate episode, titled "The Bells". Let's look at some of the options. "They came into the world together and now they leave together".

Jaime's return to King's Landing was also significant given his character arc: After a season of rebuilding himself and his moral code, free from Cersei's grasp, he ultimately chose to abandon his friend and newfound lover Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie) to return to his queen.

It all started because Dany had quickly discovered that Jon had betrayed her (by telling Sansa who told Tyrion who told Varys about Jon being the true heir), and she was beyond pissed.

Written by David Benioff & D.B. Weiss, and directed by Miguel Sapochnik, it's one last, epic hurrah for Game of Thrones as pure spectacle, while still making way for some strong character work, even if there are still issues therein.

While it's only a small scale, her practice in the northern territory, especially during times of war, seems to go some way to showcasing her skills as a leader. It's telling that only a handful of actors of color have appeared on the show as something more than savages or slaves over the series' run.

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Daenerys, of course, has now gone full "Mad Queen", and we catch a glimpse of her in the Episode 6 trailer looking out over her newly acquired kingdom - the one she basically burned to the ground in a fit of rage, which many of us saw coming, as she flew Drogon back and forth literally scorching the earth. "I don't think she decided ahead of time that she was going to do what she did". Are we going to. are we just gonna.' And then it kind of wears off.

The more we talked about it the more it seemed like the flawless end for her. Chances are, it'll be someone Arya knows.

When Ellaria is captured, so is her daughter Tyene, and the two are brought to King's Landing to suffer the cruel fate that Cersei has planned.

This may be something of a throwaway because Arya has never once shown an aptitude or interest in leadership, but since she is the person who killed the Night King (and thus thousands of White Walkers and wights), we can't overlook Bronn's (Jerome Flynn) pointed comment from last week about how it's hardcore cutthroats who kill thousands and get made into a king - or in this case, a queen.

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