HTC Exodus 1s Places Blockchain On A Tight Budget

HTC Exodus 1s Places Blockchain On A Tight Budget

Following in the footsteps of the HTC Exodus flagship blockchain smartphone, now sold out, the Taiwanese smartphone maker is developing a lower cost sequel dubbed the Exodus 1s. Dubbed HTC Exodus 1s, the upcoming device will provide more support for decentralized browsing, messaging, social media apps (dapps), and what is more, the device will be capable of running a full bitcoin node.

The company has announced a new blockchain phone called the Exodus 1s. However, you don't need to wait for HTC to release this phone to benefit from this feature; in fact, there is already an app for that, which means that you should be able to run a full Bitcoin node on most existing Android devices.

There's one question though that HTC will have to answer around the capacity of the system, due to the size of the Bitcoin blockchain sitting at 200GB at the moment.

We don't know any details about size, styling or specs at this stage, but no doubt HTC will fill in some of the gaps in the coming months, before the Exodus 1s goes on sale. While the bitcoin blockchain would be supported at launch, other networks could be added going forward.

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HTC will also offer a software development kit (SDK) which will be available for its Zion Valut, the HTC crypto wallet. The first generation version was only able to be purchased with cryptocurrency, HTC started allowing fiat payments in February and are expected to allow them for those wishing to purchase the 1s. First introduced with the Exodus 1 earlier this year, the Zion Vault stores cryptocurrency keys in a trusted execution environment, allowing users to easily own and spend cryptocurrencies without exposing them to malicious applications.

The manufacturer has not shared a specific launch date but says the device will be priced at around $250-300. And those numbers are reasonable to hold on a smartphone.

Whilst the 1s will be based on the Exodus 1, no specifications have been released as of yet.

"We are democratizing access to the technology for a free world", Chen said. "Full nodes are the most important ingredient in the resilience of the Bitcoin network and we have lowered the barrier to entry for any person to run a node".

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