Missouri Lawmakers Enter Final Day With Major Unfinished Business

Missouri Lawmakers Enter Final Day With Major Unfinished Business

Alabama governor Kay Ivey signed the most severe abortion ban in the nation on Tuesday night, making performing an abortion a felony in almost all cases.

This morning, the Alabama Senate passed a bill that bans abortion at every stage of pregnancy, even if the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest.

Doctors who perform abortions after the eight-week mandate will face up to 15 years in prison.

Randall Marshall, executive director of the ACLU of Alabama, criticized the new law in a statement.

Health advocates and politicians across the country, including Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, say the laws are so extreme that they're created to trigger a review of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court, which now has two Trump appointees Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh. "We answer these questions, 'Yes, '" the high court said.

"Alabama lawmakers are capitalizing on strong pro-life sentiment in their state to say they don't like the legal status quo and prefer a world where there are very few abortions". The ACLU filed a suit challenging that law Wednesday, BuzzFeed News reports.

"From the beginning we have always kept a goal in mind and that is the Supreme Court", said Janet Porter, president of Faith2Action, a Christian organization that has successfully promoted "heartbeat" bills outlawing abortion once a doctor can detect embryonic cardiac activity, which occurs as early as six weeks after conception.

They then marched through the halls, stopping to chant outside Gov. Mike Parson's office before circling around the House chamber.

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Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tweeted Wednesday that the "abortion bans in Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, and MS are appalling attacks on women's lives and fundamental freedoms".

As passed, the law would take effect in six months. Lawmakers in 11 other states also are considering such laws, according to the New York Times.

Gosk said that NY "has already passed a law that protects abortion in the third trimester under certain circumstances". They are Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota and West Virginia.

The bill more than doubles the required medical malpractice insurance for abortion providers - and it bans abortion if Roe v. Wade is overturned, something many view as a distinct possibility after changes in the U.S. Supreme Court under the Trump Administration.

"As other states like NY and Virginia venture further away from the American ideal to protect and uphold the right to life, I'm honored to lead a state with so many people who are committed to standing up for those without a voice", he said. "We conclude that neither of these provisions offers medical benefits sufficient to justify the burdens upon access that each imposes", observed the 5-3 majority opinion of Justice Stephen Breyer in Whole Woman's Health v. Hellederstedt.

Now, a similar law in Louisiana has come before the court.

PERSONAL ACCOUNTSActor Milla Jovovich divulged details of her own traumatic emergency abortion after she went into pre-term labour, saying this underlined how vulnerable women could be."It was one of the most horrific experiences I have ever gone through", she wrote in a post on Instagram."I was alone and helpless". Women who undergo abortions would not be prosecuted. The Republican National Committee chairwoman, Ronna McDaniel, said she is personally opposed to the state's abortion law, the Washington Postreported.

Updated May 16 at 4:39 p.m.to include information about the Missouri bill.

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