Monster-Hunting RPG 'Dauntless' Heading to Xbox One Next Week

Monster-Hunting RPG 'Dauntless' Heading to Xbox One Next Week

Small wonder why the team at Phoenix Labs took such a direction for Dauntless, its upcoming free-to-play action RPG. This game has been in open beta for some time now on PC and the developers seem to be optimistic about its release later this month.

Among these additions and enhancements will be a Mastery system that enables Slayers to earn experience, hone their monster-hunting skills, and acquire an array of new rewards. Dauntless, which now has an estimated player base of 3 million, is expected to triple after its official release on the Epic Games Store.

Fight for survival on the edge of the world. Similar to Fortnite, Dauntless' first (technically, fifth) Hunt Pass is dubbed Hidden Blades. Play together with millions of players, face arduous cooperative battles, create weapons lethal, powerful armor and forge your legend as Rlayer Slayer.

Coinciding with its 1.0 release, Phoenix Labs will kick off Hunt Pass Season 5, which will transform the world of Dauntless into a Moon Blossom Festival. As a Slayer, it's up to you to hunt down the boss-sized Behemoths that are devouring the land. Everything from questing and crafting to meeting other Slayers and pursuing Behemoths has received massive updates.

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Phoenix Labs has finally revealed the Dauntless release date.

The free to play Monster Hunter game Dauntless will soon be available for all.

And PS Plus May subscribers will also be able to claim some new loot with the launch of Dauntless on consoles. This is in addition to the 50 new levels of content for basic and elite tracks, as with the four previous Hunt Pass seasons.

New players will have access to the ArcslayerPack. Look forward to regular updates, seasonal events, new Behemoths, and more in a rich, evolving world.

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