Phoenix Suns Forward Josh Jackson Arrested at Rolling Loud Festival

Phoenix Suns Forward Josh Jackson Arrested at Rolling Loud Festival

Phoenix Suns forward Josh Jackson was arrested at Rolling Loud Music Festival in Miami Florida, this past weekend after making repeated attempts to enter a VIP area without a proper pass, according to reports.

According to online court records, Jackson has an arraignment hearing scheduled for June 10. Jackson, 22, reportedly tried to run away after being handcuffed but was apprehended. Jackson then attempted to flee, resulting in the aforementioned charges.

The allegations against the Suns' guard get even more freaky when Slater describes how he allegedly "ran away" after the cops handcuffed him. Jackson sat on a nearby golf cart as instructed, but when Manzelli stepped away, Jackson stood up and began to walk away.

The officer chased Jackson and lost sight of him "along the fence line" of the stadium. Once the officer's attention was focused elsewhere, Jackson took off running, but was later found by other officers.

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Jackson was released Saturday on $1,000 bail.

The Suns said they were aware of the incident and were gathering more information. Last season he averaged 11.5 points to go along with 4.4 rebounds and 2.3 assists per game.

The Suns drafted Jackson fourth overall in 2017. During his single season in college at Kansas, he pled not guilty to misdemeanor property damage after being charged in 2017 for allegedly kicking a door and tail light of a auto driven by a KU women's basketball player.

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