Sony And Microsoft Partner Up To Develop Cloud Gaming And AI Solutions

While precise details of the partnership are still vague, the companies also said they would be working together on new semiconductors, image sensors and artificial intelligence. In a statement published to Microsoft's website, the companies say that this initiative in particular will include "building better development platforms for the content creator community", so at some point down the road, we might hear about Sony and Microsoft working together to improve platforms like Mixer.

For now, Sony and Microsoft are in a partnership of understanding, which will allow Sony to explore the idea of using Azure datacenters to support their online ambition.

Sony already has its own cloud gaming infrastructure thanks to its acquisition of Gaikai back in 2012, which powers PlayStation Now.

Cloud services are not the only reasons that Sony and Microsoft are teaming up.

When it comes to AI Sony will be bringing hardware including semiconductors while Microsoft brings the Azure AI technology, and meshing them together to produce user-friendly AI interfaces.

"For Sony to scale its offering in a similar way promised by Microsoft with Project X Cloud and Google with Stadia, it needs to partner to compete".

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Sony and Microsoft will also collaborate on semiconductors and artificial intelligence, potentially combining the Japanese company's sensors and chips with the United States computer titan's cloud systems and artificial intelligence.

The two companies are obviously competitors in the gaming console space with PlayStation and Xbox, but that hasn't stopped them from forming what they call a "strategic partnership".

"For many years, Microsoft has been a key business partner for us, though of course the two companies have also been competing in some areas". In addition, Microsoft ditched the disc drive in the Xbox One S all-digital version (which Sony could potentially do with its PS5 as well, although nothing has been confirmed), and Sony has started porting some of its PlayStation exclusive games to PC, like Detroit: Become Human.

The document also makes reference to some collaborative efforts outside of the strict gaming sphere. However, the datacentre backbone there is not almost as comprehensive as Microsoft Azure, and would not necessarily be able to stand up to Google Stadia on its own. Also, the agreement between the two companies will mean that Sony will be more accepting to the prospect of cross-platform play, at least between consoles by the two companies.

Sony Corporation (Sony) and Microsoft Corp.

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