Tati Westbrook breaks silence on James Charles, asks for ‘hate to stop’

Tati Westbrook breaks silence on James Charles, asks for ‘hate to stop’

Kjellberg called Charles' video a "trainwreck", noting that the beauty guru didn't explain much of the controversy now surrounding him and spoke incredibly slowly throughout the duration of his message, also taking issue with Charles claiming that he would "make more mistakes" in the future before making visible efforts to improve.

James, who lost over 2M subscribers following the feud, has since posted a tearful apology video for Tati, but many of her fans didn't buy it. I thought I was going against millions and millions of subscribers. (She sounded really upset!) When it was over, I had to actively convince myself that I didn't care - and I'm not sure it worked.

The whole thing came to a head in the form of Westbrook posting an extended breakup/takedown of Charles on YouTube, which itself inspired a withering apology-esque 8-minute response from a bleary-eyed, heavily muted Charles, who appears as though he may have just been tumble-dried. "I'm not getting any younger, and I finally just want to give it a good shot to see what I can do as far as seeking options with my doctor", she said. "."What has that to do with Tati's brand?"

Many have taken to Twitter to weigh in on the debate, pointing out that if Logan's career has continued and not been "cancelled" how should James Charles ultimately be punished?

"I think there's behaviour there that's risky but the story spun in so many different direction with words that I never used. I really hope on both sides it can stop, that is not why I made the video".

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Westbrook insists she released the scathing video called "Bye Sister" to give the teen a "wake-up call", stressing, "I love James Charles". In the video, he says that after meeting Westbrook, she "very quickly took on a parental role with me".

Logan continued, "I'm not defending James Charles, I'm saying, [go] easy when you puff your chest out, put your chin up, and call him a sexual predator". "The drawn-out drama of narrative is edited out for efficiency; a well-crafted fight video boasts a steady hand, ideally a landscape orientation, and a short (data-plan-friendly) runtime". Without naming Charles directly, Westbrook said she felt "betrayed" and "lost". I want the picking sides and the abusive memes and the language...

Her video was the culmination of simmering tensions over Charles's decision to advertise for one of Westbrook's biggest business competitors, Sugar Bear. "I don't want you guys hating on him. And I'm just trying to find the middle", Westbrook sobs.

The irresistible rise of stomach-turning fight videos across social media platforms was actually one of the first topics I covered in this column back in 2015: "Fight videos satisfy our craving for conflict with a quick, concentrated dose. I'm losing the ability to reach (out to him)".

Explaining that there has been a lot of "isolated events" that made her question their friendship, she directed her attention to Charles saying, "You need to step into being an adult and being held accountable".

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