Teen Who Sued After Refusing Vaccination Now Has Chickenpox

Teen Who Sued After Refusing Vaccination Now Has Chickenpox

Jerome Kunkel, 18, made headlines last month after he unsuccessfully sued his Kentucky school for barring unvaccinated students amid a chickenpox outbreak.

"Recent news articles reporting statements by Chris Wiest, the plaintiffs' attorney, downplaying the dangers of the chickenpox virus are alarming and disappointing", Ms Brinson said. "He could have contracted this in March and been back to school by now".

Kunkel has been out of school since mid-March, Wiest said.

Jerome Kunkel, a student at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart/Assumption Academy in Kentucky, is taking legal action over a policy which temporarily bars students who aren't immunised from the infectious disease from attending.

Mr Kunkel, who has been home from school since 15 March, challenged the health order in court but was unsuccessful.

None of the basketball team members were vaccinated for chickenpox, the school's principal had told a health official, according to the judge's ruling obtained by CNN affiliate WXIX. In April, he sued the health department because he was banned from school for refusing to get a vaccine. "The quickest way to get them back to school is to get it naturally". Wiest had previously said that the family filled out forms for the exemption.

"A person who has contracted chickenpox can be infectious for up to two days before experiencing the rash that is associated with the virus". "Our first concern is always protection of the public health and implementing reasonable, medically-approved control measures that are created to safeguard our region's population, including those who are most vulnerable to the threat of infectious disease". Weist also said that Kunkel would have got chickenpox if the health department had not intervened.

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Chickenpox is a highly contagious disease that causes a blister-like rash, itching, fever and tiredness.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the best way to prevent the virus is to receive the vaccine. The virus spreads by contact with infected individuals.

The governor of Kentucky recently admitted to exposing his nine children to the chickenpox so they would contract the virus and then become immune. The family's attorney, Christopher Wiest, told NBC that Kunkel and his family do not regret the decision to not receive the vaccine.

Due to his conservative religious beliefs, Mr Kunkel refused the vaccination, and has since sued the school for refusing him access.

"I don't believe in that vaccine at all and they are trying to push it on us", Kunkle's father, Bill, told WLWT.

The health department would not confirm Wednesday that it had released the ban on Kunkel, but it did release a statement criticizing Wiest and defending the ban.

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