AG Barr made decision to not bring charges against Eric Garner cop

AG Barr made decision to not bring charges against Eric Garner cop

Prosecutors say there was insufficient evidence to bring charges.

Meanwhile, police found Pantaleo violated department policy that has prohibited chokeholds since 1993 and placed him on "restricted duty" where he receives full salary. At the same time, the Department of Justice began investigating separately to consider whether to bring federal civil rights charges against any of the officers involved.

He later said, "Significantly, Officer Pantaleo was not engaged in a chokehold on Mr. Garner when he said he could not breathe, and neither Officer Pantaleo nor any other officer applied a chokehold to Mr. Garner after he first said he could not breathe".

There were two sets of recommendations made.

Nearly five years to the day after a New York City police officer strangled to death Eric Garner, whose last words "I can't breathe" became a national rallying cry, the Justice Department said it will not prosecute his killer.

The official said Barr watched the video himself and got several briefings.

"Let me say as clear and equivocally as I can that Mr. Garner's death was a tragedy", Richard Donoghue, U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of NY, said at a news conference.

Sharpton called for Pantaleo's dismissal from the NYPD.

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The medical examiner's office said a chokehold contributed to Garner's death.

A ruling in that trial has not yet been handed down.

The only remaining punishment that Pantaleo could face at this point comes from the NYPD itself, which is still conducting a disciplinary proceeding. "Today, we can't breathe". The Departmental disciplinary trial of Officer Pantaleo has concluded.

This week marks five years since NY police officer Daniel Pantaleo stopped Garner on a Staten Island Street for allegedly selling loose cigarettes and held him in a chokehold as Garner repeatedly said "I can't breathe", according to a cellphone video that captured Garner's last moments. A friend of Garner captured the encounter on video, showing Garner trying to pull away from surrounding officers before Pantaleo used a chokehold to try and subdue him.

Garner, an asthmatic, is heard on video of the encounter filmed by a bystander crying out, "I can't breathe" as a number of officers restrained him on a street in NY.

"I can't breathe" became a rallying cry for police reform activists, coming amid a stretch of other deaths of black men at the hands of white officers. Protests erupted around the country erupted, and police reform became a national discussion. A NY grand jury in 2014 declined to charge Pantaleo, who has been assigned to desk duty since Garner's death.

In the years since Garner's death, the New York Police Department made a series of sweeping changes on how it relates to the communities it serves, ditching a policy of putting rookie cops in higher-crime precincts in favour of a neighbourhood policing model that revolves around community officers tasked with getting to know New Yorkers. "Five years ago, my son said "I can't breathe" 11 times". Those five years are up on Wednesday.

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