California couple sue over 'living hell' IVF mix-up

California couple sue over 'living hell' IVF mix-up

The twins actually belonged to two other couples who were also clients of the hospital. The couple were confused, as only one of the eight embryos was male.

A bungled IVF treatment - which led to a NY woman unknowingly giving birth to the babies of two couples who were complete strangers - has been branded the "worst embryo-related tragedies in history". Anni said through tears at a press conference in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

"I'm eternally grateful to her for carrying my baby and taking care of him even after birth", Anni Manukyan said. "To be with him in the first couple moments of his life, to nurse him, to just do skin on skin contact, just be a mum to him", she said.

"While I have handled hundreds of cases of fertility-center misconduct, this tragedy at CHA is among the most egregious I have seen".

The Queens woman and her husband filed a separate medical malpractice and negligence lawsuit in federal court in Brooklyn last week.

They are now suing the clinic, with their lawyer Adam Wolf calling their case "one of the worst embryo-related tragedies in USA history". "The number of things that went wrong here is just plain staggering", he said.

Wolf, the couple's lawyer, said the Manukyans were seeking emotional and punitive damages as well as court costs in their fight for their infant son in NY and payments made to CHA.

The couple said Wednesday that their baby boy was thriving and bonding with the family but Ashot Manukyan said that his family had suffered mentally.

CHA officials did not respond to emails seeking comment.

According to the couple, in the spring of 2019, CHA reached out to them for a "supposedly routine cheek swab test".

"They have been unwilling to tell us how this happened", he said. On this second attempt, though, they said the fertility clinic bungled their IVF process and have not been forthcoming since then.

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Their attorney Adam Wolf filed a lawsuit.

The two babies were born March 31 to an Asian couple who thought they had twins.

Anni and Ashot Manukyan now say one of the embryos was their child.

The next several weeks were a "non-stop nightmare" as they tried to get more information on their genetic son, the lawsuit states.

The Manukyans didn't know that they had a son until after he was born to a complete stranger on March 30 - and didn't get to meet him until they won a turbulent custody battle when he was already 6 weeks old.

The IVF mix-up has been described as "one of the worst fertility centre tragedies in U.S. history". "Who wants to meet their child in a lobby of a hotel?" "It was heartbreaking. It was bad".

Y.Z. and A.P., who married in 2012, said they were required to give up custody, "thus suffering the loss of two children", according to the lawsuit.

Anni Manukyan claims she was hospitalized for two days due to stress-related illness after learning that another woman had unknowingly given birth to her biological son across the country.

"I wasn't there for his birth, I did not carry him, I did not feel him kick inside of me", she told Today. They cry every day. "She's a wonderful woman and I pray for her every day, and God will give her own handsome babies one day".

"The Glendale couple was ensnared by CHA in an elaborate three-family cascade of errors that resulted in the NY woman bearing two children of different ethnicities from her own", the law firm said.

The couple said they believe that in August 2018, however, at least one of Anni Manukyan's embryos was implanted in the NY woman, resulting in the birth of their son.

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