Hulu 4K streaming comes back to Apple TV

First and foremost, the company has launched an interactive guide for its Live TV subscribers. Hopefully the list of supported platforms will expand, but for now it's just those two devices.

As of today, all Hulu users can once again stream content in 4K, but only on Apple TV (5th generation or later) and Chromecast Ultra. The Live TV service gives users a chance to stream channels like ABC, Fox, NBC and CNN through the web as a component of their Hulu bundle.

To access the Live TV Guide while watching Hulu, hover over the icon of three lines in the bottom left corner of the player bar. If you're dealing with home internet data caps, that might be good to keep in mind. At some time in 2016, Hulu released 4K content on its platform, but previous year, the streamer removed all the 4K content from its platform.

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Hulu's 4K option is only available for its original content like The Handmaid's Tale. and numerous series and movies that people don't watch.

There are pros and cons to all of the myriad streaming services now available, but of all the missing features of the most popular services, none are more baffling than the lack of 4K streaming on Hulu.

However, parent organization Disney will make a much greater and progressively far reaching push into 4K HDR when it dispatches Disney+ in the not so distant future, promising top tier introduction for its best-in-class presentation of motion pictures, including those from Marvel.

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