New MacBook Air Gets True Tone Display Technology, Priced at $1,099

New MacBook Air Gets True Tone Display Technology, Priced at $1,099

As for the MacBook Pro series, a few fresh upgrades have been made to the 13-inch entry model.

It's worth noting that the 2019 MacBook Pro benchmarks are based on the average of eight Geekbench results thus far.

"The funeral" 12-inch MacBook upset many users, as it was the lightest and most compact laptop, for which he valued buyers.

That's really the only upgrade the 13-inch MacBook Air is receiving, but it's also getting a little price cut to go along with it.

Last year's MacBook Air, for example, hovered around the same price point as the 12-inch Macbook, which created some confusion when it came to buying a portability-focused Macbook.

The tech giant on Tuesday announced a number of updates and - more importantly - pocket-friendlier prices for itsMacBookAirnotebook.The company said that True Tone has been added to the device's Retina display for a more natural viewingexperience, and prices have been lowered to Dh4,699.

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If you've been meaning to get a new laptop, now would be a better time than most.

The new 13-inch MacBook Pro starts from £1,299.

Apple will also throw wireless headphones into a collection of BeatsStudio3 at no extra price.

MacRumors ran some Geekbench benchmarks on the new MacBook over the previous model and saw performance gains of up to 83 percent.

WHAT'S NOW MISSING?: Apple has now completely streamlined its MacBook range with the older MacBook Air now removed from sale. You'll also get a True Tone display, a TouchBar, and Apple's T2 chip for additional security and touch ID login.

Apple's back-to-school promotion is available tohigher education students, their parents, faculty, staff and home-schoolteachers through the Apple Education Store. U.S. college students get a special price starting at $1,200.

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