Siberians flock to toxic lake for ‘Maldives’ selfies

Siberians flock to toxic lake for ‘Maldives’ selfies

The company was quoted as saying, "You cannot swim in the ash dump". The water in it has a high alkaline environment.

The company says the water is highly acidic and can cause an allergic reaction if it comes in contact with human skin.

Despite looking like paradise at first glance, the lake in Novosibirsk - nicknamed the Siberian Maldives - is actually an industrial dump.

The statement, which noted that the artificial lake had become a "star of social media", cautioned people against touching the water and stressed that swimming is prohibited.

The rash of Instagrammers flocking to the lake has promoted the Siberian Generating Company to warn that the chemicals inside the lake may cause allergic skin reactions and to avoid swimming at all costs.

"I took pictures there because it is very handsome and there are not lots of places nearby", Aksyutina told The water's pH is above 8, SGC said, though it claimed the water wasn't poisonous.

She said they researched the dangers carefully before making the journey and made sure to follow the recommendations. "We kept the rules, did not climb into the water".

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The lengthy advisory, however, appears to have done little to quell the flow of visitors, marking the latest example of the lengths to which people will go for the flawless Instagram photo.

Even though Galieva mimicked being on an exotic vacation by posing in her bikini, she insisted she and her family kept their distance.

Some users joked about the taste of the water as "chalky" or "sweet", though it was not clear if they were being serious.

Unfortunately, the warnings seem to have served only to raise the lake's profile, as the lake has since seen a steady stream of Insta-picnickers, photographers and honeymooners. He said the next day his legs "turned slightly red and itched for about two days".

Travel vlogger Antosha Provocateur even spent extended time with his crew there, filming every twist and turn of the turquoise dump by drone.

"We know that the lake is toxic and didn't enter the water", Marina Zheleznova, a young Siberian woman who staged a photoshoot by the lake with her partner, told CNN.

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