Supermassive's 'Man of Medan' is officially multiplayer

Supermassive's 'Man of Medan' is officially multiplayer

Periodically, the game will present a summary of how each player has played.

Today Bandai Namco and Developer Supermassive Games made a surprise announcement, The Dark Picturer Anthology: Man of Medan will have two online and offline multiplayer modes which add a totally new dimension to the game.

The second mode is called Movie Night Mode. That's two multiplayer modes, so you can experience the narrative-driven horror in whichever way you see fit.

"As we've announced a year ago, The Dark Pictures Anthology is a series of standalone cinematic horror games, each featuring a brand-new story, setting and characters". Does that mean you can perhaps sabotage another player's character?

What do you think of Man of Medan announcing multiplayer support? Movie Night is designed for anywhere from two to five players.

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In the Shared Story mode, you can team up with a buddy and play through the game simultaneously. We really hope you enjoy the intensity of experiencing the story with a friend... and that you are still friends after!

The Dark Pictures Anthology is in development for PS4, Xbox One and PC, with the first installment, Man of Medan, coming in August 30, 2019. In this mode, up to four other friends can join you in a world where your actions affect each other. "It is horror, after all". "In short, we have built The Dark Pictures Anthology from the ground up with multiplayer in mind", Samuels emphasised.

While every Dark Pictures game aims to take a different horror genre as its base, the game genre will remain fairly static. The first game, Man of Medan follows a group of American tourists travelling to the South Pacific Ocean who soon find themselves on a sunken ship.

Things inevitably go wrong and it will be up to you to decide what happens next, and with Man of Medan having more branching paths than Supermassive's previous games, there will be plenty of replayability on hand, and Samuel's advice is simple: "Don't".

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