Destiny 2 cross-save release date set for August

Destiny 2 cross-save release date set for August

It is not clear if on that date we can already abandon the Blizzard client in favor of that Valve or we can simply access a sort of list that will transfer all its purchases and progress starting from the release of Shadowkeep on October 1st, 2019.

On a blog post, Bungie has officially stated that August 21 will be the day cross-save becomes available.

Bungie previously laid out a bit of info about how cross save will work.

However, to access content from Forsaken and Shadowkeep onwards, the expansions must have been purchased on the platform players want to move to.

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It's optional, though, so if you prefer to use individual accounts on different platforms, that is still an option.

It seems that the creators of Destiny 2 would have done the things very differently had they not been bound by an agreement with the publisher, and now that they are free they have thought that their best option is to move to a different digital distribution platform. When you enable cross save, you'll have to choose which account to keep-you can only make one set of characters available across all platforms. You'll have to use either your PS4, PC, or Xbox account for cross save.

That doesn't mean your other characters are gone forever, though. "This policy exists to discourage activity like account recoveries by other players", Bungie states.

Bungie also gave a few new details about Destiny 2's PC version. A date for this to happen was not announced until yesterday. Now Destiny 2 isn't actually hitting Steam until October 1, alongside of its Shadowkeep expansion, but on August 20 you'll be able to engage in the link process so that everything is in order for that release.

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