Failures of two generators cause mass power cuts in UK: National Grid

Failures of two generators cause mass power cuts in UK: National Grid

People in numerous affected areas said the power came back on within 30 to 40 minutes.

LONDON (AP) - A power cut disrupted rail travel and snarled rush-hour traffic across large chunks of Britain, including London, on Friday, leaving passengers stuck on trains or unable to get home for the weekend.

Almost 1 million customers in London and other parts of England were left without power Friday when a failure hit two power generators on the National Grid, officials say.

Train services in and out of London, including Thameslink, Southern and Gatwick Express were facing delays and cancellations. He explained that the two power stations disconnected from the grid "near simultaneously".

Britain's energy watchdog, Ofgem, said it has asked for "an urgent detailed report from National Grid so we can understand what went wrong and decide what further steps need to be taken".

"This could include enforcement action".

"Why. did their systems allow the national transport system to collapse in the way it did?"

Western Power Distribution which serves the Midlands, South West and Wales said there had been a "major incident" but all affected customers now had power restored.

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National Grid said all demand had been restored by 5.40pm on Friday, but the knock-on effects of the blackout continued to hit the railways overnight into Saturday.

The government's Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy said in a statement that "the issue is now resolved and the system has returned to normal".

"(I) realised that nothing was open and there was hardly any phone signal", the 26-year-old told PA.

"It was like witnessing something out of an apocalyptic film".

Newcastle Airport was plunged into darkness for about 15 minutes.

National Grid operations director Duncan Burt said Friday's blackout was caused when two power stations failed nearly simultaneously, leading the system to cut off power to some parts of the country in order to preserve the rest. "Anyone continuing to experience a local issue should contact their local Distribution Network Operator for assistance".

Journalist Stig Abell tweeted: "This power outage has pretty much stopped the rail network".

"We believe this is due to a failure on National Grid's network, which is affecting our customers".

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