Italy’s political parties pitch for allies ahead of key vote

Italy’s political parties pitch for allies ahead of key vote

That would follow Conte's speech in the senate on August 20 and one to the lower house on August 21.

Throughout the day, political leaders scrambled to line up allies and form alliances as Salvini, who as interior minister has made stopping migrants from reaching Italy by sea his priority, pressed for an early election to try to capitalize on his soaring popularity and snag the premiership for himself.

In exchange, the anti-establishment M5S was supposed to back his call for swift elections despite the League's withdrawal from the increasingly acrimonious alliance.

Conte must offer his resignation to Italy's president if the no-confidence motion passes.

So, it is reported that, in connection with the situation, the President of the Italian Senate Maria Elisabetta Casellati was appointed on Monday a conference of the leaders of the party groups in the upper house of Parliament, concerning the issue of no confidence to the Prime Minister, reports the with reference to the UNN.

If Parliament is sent packing, elections must be held within 45 to 70 days, making Salvini's boast of "day after" balloting unrealistic. "Next week we cut 345 parliamentarians", Di Maio said on Facebook.

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Asked if the PD would come out against a possible "institutional government", Renzi said "the PD has opened up" to the possibility of such a government with the M5S and others and was debating that hypothesis.

Di Maio also took a swipe at Salvini, noting that he had referred to his former political partner as a "friend" during the Senate debate.

Addressing journalists in Rome, he also pledged unity with PD party leader Nicola Zingaretti amid rumours that Renzi could split and form his own party after Salvini pulled the plug on the current coalition.

After claiming just 17 per cent of the vote in Italy's 2018 national election, the League won 34 per cent in European elections this spring.

Italy's main opposition party, the centre-left Democratic Party (PD), is already divided over its future strategy. Fines of up to one million euros ($1.1m) and the impounding of the boat are also possible under the new law. Salvini, in a surprise move, instead announced that his party was willing to first complete passage of a law thought would drastically reduce the number of lawmakers in future legislatures.

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