Man sinks parents' BMW gift because he wanted a Jaguar instead

Man sinks parents' BMW gift because he wanted a Jaguar instead

In a video shared on social media, the man, identified by India Today as Akash destroyed a BMW gifted to him by his parents because he wanted a Jaguar instead. It is unclear if they managed to get the BMW out of the water.

"Akash was unhappy with his father for not buying him Jaguar", a police spokesperson told the outlet.

Police confirmed to local media that the owner, named only as Akash, had filmed himself pushing the auto into the river, reported the Deccan Herald.

The young man's father told local media that his son had not deliberately driven the auto into the river but had swerved to avoid an antelope on the road. "He deliberately pushed luxury vehicle BMW into the river", police said.

The Deccan Herald reported that no charges have been filed against Akash, with officials claiming he has a "mental deficiency" and is now undergoing treatment.

But he was unhappy with the vehicle, say local police, because it was too small for him and his mates.

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News outlet NDTV reports that the young man was given the white BMW 3-Series from his parents for his birthday but it wasn't the auto he wanted.

Rescuers had rushed out to the vehicle, which came to rest on a bank of tall grass, thinking that someone was inside after villagers raised the alarm, according to the Deccan Herald.

The son apparently had demanded a new Jaguar for his birthday and was unimpressed with the BMW, which he thought was too small.

He dad said: "We have two cars, a BMW and a Swift".

The BMW costs around 3.5 million rupees ($49,000) in India, while the Jaguars are considerably higher priced.

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