Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Pack has been cancelled over performance issues

Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Pack has been cancelled over performance issues

That update is that the future is dead, and the Super Duper Graphics Pack originally announced back at E3 2017 will no longer be developed.

Mojang's statement suggests the technical requirements to successfully make and run the super Duper Graphics Pack across platforms was its ultimate demise.

"Unfortunately", Mojang says in the official announcement, "we aren't happy with how the pack performed across devices". Performance is cited as a reason for ditching the update, but Microsoft promises that it will work on developing a new look for Minecraft in other ways. Mojang announced the cancellation today in a blog post, stating that "the pack proved too technically demanding to implement as planned".

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Mojang's statement went on to say that the studio wasn't happy with how the update was performing across the different platforms Minecraft on which is now available, which range from Xbox One X to smartphones.

A spokesperson from the studio reached out to Kotaku via email, stating they had "tried to solve Super Duper for a long time" and that they were now exploring alternative options with their Render Dragon graphics engine. We'll be able to share more on that subject very soon.

Fans of the series will need to keep their eyes peeled to see when and if Mojang will end up producing a different version of the Super Duper Graphics Pack or if the entire effort will end up being scrapped. It promised a wide range of upgrades including dynamic shadows, much-improved lighting, foliage characters could move through, and all new textures in particular for villagers and mobs.

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