Quentin Tarantino says, 'Bruce Lee was kind of an arrogant guy'

Quentin Tarantino says, 'Bruce Lee was kind of an arrogant guy'

One revolves around Tarantino's script, which portrays Lee as something of an arrogant braggart; another involves the idea that Bruce Lee might be bested in a fight by a Hollywood stuntman.

Tarantino has also come under fire for showing Lee apparently being upper-handed by Brad Pitt's washed-up stunt double Cliff Booth.

After enough criticism mounted, Tarantino eventually defended his portrayal of Bruce Lee during a press tour for the film in Russian Federation and provided a fairly compelling case, citing Lee's own wife as a source. Even his daughter, Shannon Lee, stated that the film made her father out to be an "arrogant a****** who was full of hot air." . "I heard him say things like that to that effect", said Tarantino. "People say, 'he never said he could beat up Muhammad Ali.' Yes, he did".

The biography Tarantino references is titled "Bruce Lee: The Man Only I Knew", which Lee's widow, Linda Lee, published in 1978.

Shannon Lee said her mother, Linda, told her, "I thought the character was like a caricature of himself and made him look stupid, silly and made to be insultingly 'Chinesey.' It strayed so far from the truth of who he was and of any actual encounter he had", according to the Los Angeles Times.

While Brad Pitt's character was fictional, the idea that he could hold his own against Bruce Lee was intentional. Moreover, Quentin facetiously proposed a hypothetical fight between Count Dracula and Bruce Lee, as well, in an attempt to illustrate the futility of making such comparisons.

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Tarantino and Thurman both co-created her character The Bride in Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Kill Bill Vol. 2 which were released in 2003 and 2004 respectively. Tarantino said, "Could Cliff beat up Bruce Lee?". I understand they want to make the Brad Pitt character this super bada** who could beat up Bruce Lee.

He is now promoting Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which is his ninth venture, following cult classics such as Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction and Inglorious Bastards. Quentin said the comparisons were silly because Cliff was a fictional character.

According to IndieWire, the 56-year-old filmmaker recently told an worldwide press outlet that he is fascinated by horror genre and if he is able to crack a "terrific horror film story", then that will be his last feature. The reality of the situation is this: Cliff is a Green Beret.

"Could Cliff beat up Bruce Lee?".

That logic echoes what I personally believe to be the point of including Lee in this film at all: what stunt coordinator Robert Alonzo described as the goal of the scene, which was to "explain to the audience the level at which Cliff was [operating]". What he admires is combat, and boxing is a closer approximation of combat as a sport than martial arts tournaments are. "He is a combat person". He has killed many men in WWII in hand-to-hand combat. "But if Cliff and Bruce were fighting in the jungles of the Philippines in a hand-to-hand combat fight Cliff would kill him".

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