Recalled MacBook models are banned from all flights

Recalled MacBook models are banned from all flights

The Federal Aviation Administration has banned certain MacBook Pro laptops on flights following an announcement by Apple Inc. that some use batteries that pose a fire or safety risk.

"Please note that the 15-inch Apple MacBook Pro laptop, sold between mid-2015 to February-2017 is prohibited on board any of our mandate carriers", a coordinator with TCE operations wrote to employees.

Bloomberg says four airlines based in the UK, Italy and Canada managed by Total Cargo Expertise recently implemented the same ban.

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The FAA has just reminded airlines of those guidelines which basically prohibits 2015 15-inch MacBooks from going on flights. It's unclear what efforts will, if any, be made at US airports. Apple warns that "the battery may overheat and pose a fire safety risk". Both European and US regulators appear to have no issue with recalled laptops that have received safer parts.

Apple said in June it would recall a limited number of 15-inch MacBook Pro units as their batteries were susceptible to overheating. So unlike the infamous Samsung Galaxy Note fiasco in 2016, there's a fair chance that laboriously enforcing this directive for every MacBook that comes through a security checkpoint won't be at the top of the priorities list. Those that have already gone battery replacements are exempt as well as those that have not been marked as such by Apple's own tool.

'Customer safety is always Apple's top priority, and we have voluntarily chose to replace affected batteries, free of charge, ' Apple said in a June statement. But the fact is that it will be a pain to screen the affected units at the boarding gate - and that could affect millions of MacBook Pro users. In 2016, Samsung Electronics Co.'s Note 7 was banned from United States flights due to a fire hazard after the handset's battery exploded in multiple incidents. Stricter rules on shipping them have been introduced since then. "In early July, we alerted airlines about the recall, and we informed the public", the FAA said in an emailed statement.

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