Samsung to launch Galaxy Tab S6 from late August

Samsung to launch Galaxy Tab S6 from late August

"The new leak effectively confirms that there wont" be any headphone jack on at least one of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note series devices.

Samsung has reworked Tab S6's keyboard attachment to add a small trackpad.

The key attractions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 are probably its large colourful screen, the powerful mobile SoC inside, its slim construction, Samsung DeX, and the inclusion of the S Pen and the functionality that opens up.

The Galaxy Tab S6 comes with a Snapdragon 855 chipset, fact that will enhance the performance by 86 %, while the S4 came with a 835 one, running on 4GB of RAM.

However the case is optional, and won't come with the Galaxy Tab S6. The base model will cost $649 (around £530) for 6GB RAM/128GB storage, with a jump to $729 for an 8GB/256GB version. You can write on the screen with a transparent note pad, meaning you can multitask with the screen on the tablet. They recommend that the corporate has so much on its plate for the Note 10 event and that it needs to get even significant hardware announcements like these out of the way.

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The Galaxy Tab S6 becomes the first tablet with a dual-lens camera and an in-display fingerprint scanner. It's available in Cloud Blue, Mountain Gray, or Rose Blush. The S Pen has remote control features that can allow users to operate PowerPoint slides and remotely trigger the camera shutter similar to the Galaxy Note 9's stylus. Also, the pen will automatically start charging immediately as it is attached.

With Samsung - the last major holdout - seemingly on board with the effort to kill the 3.5mm headphone jack, the war on the headphone jack is effectively over, and the dongles have won. We assume the tablet will come with a dongle. The device provides a 10.5-inch display in a compact 5.7-millimeter-thick case that is about 20% thinner than its predecessor, the Tab S4.

Other new S Pen features include a redesigned grip, transparent note-taking with adjustable opacity, and handwritten note-to-text conversion. Some information has been revealed including the 25W fast charging. The keyboard, which can be purchased for an additional $179, connects to the tablet through a set of pogo pins on the left edge of the Tab S6.

We're not as sold on the keyboard, because even though it's been redesigned, the keys didn't have the traction we were hoping for, and the keyboard design felt nearly as off as we had experienced in the Tab S4. It's now in two parts, so that the keyboard bottom can be detached from the stand and used separately.

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