Walmart tells staff to remove signs showing violence, including video game ads

Walmart tells staff to remove signs showing violence, including video game ads

Walmart has ordered workers to remove video game signs and displays that depict violence from stores nationwide after 22 people died in a shooting at one of its Texas stores, but the big box retailer will continue to sell guns.

The retailer told employees to remove marketing materials, turn off game systems that show violent games and to shut down monitors in electronics departments that show images of violence.

According to an internal memo shared on social media, the company is temporarily pulling violent video game displays from its stores. The memo also extends to "hunting season videos".

Walmart spokeswoman Tara House said Friday that Walmart is taking the actions, "out of respect for the incidents of the past week".

On Friday, Warren also called on retail giant Walmart to remove firearms from its shelves. "We will be thoughtful and deliberate in our responses, and we will act in a way that reflects the best values and ideals of our company, with a focus on serving the needs of our customers, associates and communities".

"We're calling on Walmart to stop selling guns, stop donating to NRA-backed politicians, and reinvest in the communities they serve", the event's Facebook page reads.

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Two employees and a police officer were shot in Southaven Mississippi on July 30th. Trump's comments have reignited long-standing arguments as to whether or not video games cause violence, largely deflecting the conversation away from other potential causes of the pestilence of mass shootings festering across the USA, such as lack of gun control legislation or a growing surge of American white nationalism (the ideology with which the El Paso shooter identified).

The company stopped selling assault rifles after the Sandy Hook shooting in 2015, and raised its minimum gun purchasing age to 21 after last year's school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Less than a day later, a gunman Dayton, Ohio, killed nine people, including his sister, in an entertainment district.

Video games are being criticized by some for their glorification of violence.

Although some public officials, including President Donald Trump, have pointed to violent video games as a cause of the rise in gun violence, numerous studies have found no link between the games and actual violent behavior.

Update: IGN has updated its original story, saying Walmart was "confused" by for its request for comment, and has backtracked on any statement that included halting video game sales.

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