Woman crushed between two cars near Buckingham Palace

Woman crushed between two cars near Buckingham Palace

"At this early stage it is believed [the woman] was the occupant of a vehicle who became involved in a dispute with another auto", a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police says.

The confrontation began at around 8.15pm and led to the woman stepping out onto the road before being hit by the Range Rover driver, who then crashed into a double-decker bus, according to police.

A woman was badly injured when she was crushed between two cars in a possible road-rage attack in central London. Eyewitness reports said that he did not attempt to free the woman.

Footage of the incident shows the woman stooped over and wedged between a Mercedes and a Range Rover Evoque, all the while screaming for assistance.

A man is seen gesturing angrily and stamping his feet before someone jumps into the light-blue Range Rover and reverses to free the woman, who crumples to the ground in pain as onlookers rush to help her. At first, he thought the driver of the Range Rover and the Mercedes driver were exchanging insurance details, but then things escalated swiftly. The Mail says that another man complained of pains during the incident and was rushed to the hospital at the same time as the woman, but no one knows yet what part he played in the incident.

Anyone with information about the incident can contact police on 101 and quote CAD 6953/11Aug. Police are investigating whether the 4×4 was driven at the woman deliberately. Officers were forced to taser the perpetrator before making the arrest.

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Mr Anand said police officers arrived shortly after and Tasered a man.

In dramatic scenes, the woman was later airlifted to a London hospital where her injuries are described as non-life threatening.

The auto also collided with the bus, though there were no reports of any injuries among the passengers.

A second man was also taken to hospital after claiming he felt unwell, it is unclear if he was injured in the fight.

He was initially arrested on suspicion of affray, then later arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm and driving while disqualified.

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