Woman has arms, legs partially amputated after dog saliva caused infection

Woman has arms, legs partially amputated after dog saliva caused infection

Marie's limbs began to turn necrotic and then gangrene. "It has that ability to induce your immune system to do some pretty frightful things", Kobe says, but usually doesn't.

Margaret Kobe, Medical Director of Infectious Disease at Aultman Hospital, where Marie received treatments, said the organism can be very virulent. "It was very hard to find out that they had to remove my legs and my arms; very hard to cope with".

Kobe said it's "fairly common" in dogs' oral cavities and can be transmitted through a bite, or sometimes just contact with saliva.

The organism causes dozens of large blood clots, that restrict blood flow and lead to necrosis and gangrene.

The girl, recognized as Marie Coach, needed to be rushed to the hospital and positioned in a medically-induced coma as her signs, together with excessive fever, nausea and physique aches, continued to worsen.The medical staff at Canton, Ohio's Aultman Hospital started to aggressively deal with Coach, however in only a few hours issues took a flip for the more severe when she developed sepsis and her situation continued to deteriorate.

"After I opened my eyes I didn't know the place I used to be", Trainer told Fox 8.

The Trainers have two dogs at home and suspect their saliva might have made contact with a small scrape on Marie's arm.

While doctors did their best to remove as many blood clots as possible from Marie - it was too late to save her limbs.

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"It was so rapid in progression... there was nothing they could do", Marie's step-daughter said. Sources say the bacteria are present in the mouths of over 70% of dogs, and these dogs themselves never get infected.

That type of severe reaction is very rare, affecting roughly one in a million people, according to Kobe. In June 2018, a Wisconsin man had his legs amputated just below the knee and his forearms amputated after he was infected with capnocytophaga, according to the Associated Press.

But the same year, a different local patient recovered.

"Their immune system handled it differently", she said.

While she can't wait to be reunited with her two dogs, Marie does admit she has a lot of healing to do, and will have to lean on her family for support. It is impossible to describe what she's going through by words but she said she still loves her dogs and is not going to get rid of them.

But when Marie's temperature started fluctuating - from incredibly high to worryingly low - Matthew chose to seek immediate medical attention. She paid tribute to her husband who has been helping her every day with her recovery.

"He's here every day for me., every day he feeds me, and dresses me here every day."
I mean what do you do? After eight surgeries and being hospitalized more than 80 days, the hair stylist and salon owner faces intensive physical rehabilitation and an uncertain future.

A GoFundMe page has been created in hopes of raising funds to cover Marie's medical bills.

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