Apple's new streaming service targets Netflix, Amazon Prime

The iPhone 11 will be priced starting at USD699 when it hits the market on September 20. The main difference is the cameras.

Pre-orders for the new iPhone 11 series open at 5:01am PT on Sep.

But the main marketing drive for the new phones was the cameras: a new superwide camera alongside the normal camera that users can switch between.

By having two or three cameras - all on the back with another on the front - Apple highlights that you can take all kinds of pictures without having to physically move.

An iPhone 11 boasted upgrades including a dual-camera system, longer battery life, a muscular computer chip and better water resistance.

But a triple-camera feature is hardly ground breaking, because rivals Huawei and Samsung launched their triple-camera smart phones in 2018. They weren't quite up to the same standard of the more powerful iPhone 11 Pro's camera rig, but that's only to be expected.

"In a lot of ways, the Apple event didn't have many surprises", said eMarketer principal analyst Yoram Wurmser, adding that the new iPhones come with only "incremental advances" over previous models. According to Canalys, iPhone sales fell for a third consecutive quarter, with 13% decline in year-on-year shipments.

The App Store will soon feature an Apple Arcade where you can download and play new games - which Apple was keen to stress will be "exclusive" to it.

That's cheaper than Netflix's most-popular $US13-per-month plan.

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Apple's promised streaming television service - dubbed TV+ - will launch internationally on November 1.

Apple's lower price point is also trying to win out over HBO Max, set to launch next year. The original series was produced exclusively for Apple TV+ subscribers.

Apple's offer is the lowest of the major streaming content providers. Users will see new ways for their Macs to interact with the iPad and Apple Pencil, as well as a number of minor improvements to various apps.

Apple undercut the competition in the burgeoning streaming video war when it announced a $5.99 monthly price tag for its subscription service in Canada. "Clearly, that was a positive that people were happy to hear".

Executives instead spent almost as much time Tuesday talking about products as they did touting free trial subscriptions for Apple's new streaming services, promoting its new lineup of video games and TV shows, and trade-in programs that allow customers to swap existing phones for discounts on new models.

Could Apple Arcade pave the way for Amazon-style bundles?

Apple's annual major public releases of iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS will arrive by the end of this month, Apple revealed on its website as it unveiled new hardware products in a live-streamed event today.

The price for the video service is almost half of what many analysts had predicted and well below competing offerings from Netflix and Amazon Prime.

While the Pro models have three cameras at 52mm, 26mm, and 13mm focal lengths, the iPhone 11 just has the wider 13mm and 26mm options.

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