Epic Games Store snaps up eight more exclusives

Epic Games Store snaps up eight more exclusives

This caused controversy as players who pre-ordered the game on Steam had their orders honoured, but the move still caused ripples.

In a recent interview with GamesIndustry.biz, the CEO of Deep Silver parent company Koch Media said Epic's revenue share is immensely attractive.

Epic Games has announced eight more games coming to their storefront ahead of their showcase at PAX West this week, demonstrating that their exclusive-based strategy remains alive and well. "We have a strong relationship with Epic and we continue to have a strong relationship with Steam as well".

One sour spot for Kundratitz was the timing of the announcement. "That was not ideal", he said.

Part of the reason why Koch cut a deal with Epic for Metro Exodus was because the Epic Games Store pays more to publishers.

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Epic has been nearly ruthless in its bid to win over Steam customers, and has been encouraging developers to make their games exclusive to the Epic Games Store by not just paying for exclusivity, but also offering the developers a generous 88% of the revenue from the sales of their games - a much larger share of the profits compared to what Valve offers with games sold on Steam. The company will still have some Steam releases, like Iron Harvest that comes this September.

Back in February, Kundratitz said much the same when it was revealed that Metro Exodus was leaving Steam for Epic.

In No Straight Roads, which is also available on PS4, you play as an indie rock band that combines visuals and audio to create a truly unique game.

Whether this statement is in regard to the difference in royalty fees between the stores is unclear, although it is widely known that Steam has a 70/30 split with distribution, which is significantly more than Epic's 88/12.

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