Hong Kong TTAG Reader Sends Photos From the Protest Front Lines

Hong Kong TTAG Reader Sends Photos From the Protest Front Lines

"Grandpa Wong" holds a cane above his head as he pleads with riot police to stop firing tear gas - an 85-year-old shielding protesters on the front lines of Hong Kong's fight for democracy.

The US Congress should not interfere in any way in the internal affairs of Hong Kong, the city's government said in a statement on Sunday evening, after tens of thousands of protesters called for the re-introduction of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act.

He has watched over the decades as mainland China has grown more wealthy and powerful whilst remaining avowedly authoritarian. Joshua Wong visits pro-democracy political leaders and joint forum during a two-days trip from Tuesday in Taiwan.

TRT World spoke to journalist Sareena Dayaram for more details.

Wong, who visited Taiwan last week, told reporters before he flew off to Germany and then the US that he would continue to raise global awareness about Hong Kong's fight for democratic reforms.

She withdrew the extradition bill, but protestors still want arrested protestors to be released, and independent enquiry and universal suffrage. The deal was meant to restrict China's influence over the former British territory and ensure Hong Kong control its own legislative arrangements, have its own free and independent elections while Beijing controlled foreign policy and basic law.

China's state-controlled media have portrayed the pro-democracy protests as an effort by foreign-backed "criminals" to split the territory from China.

Official state news agency Xinhua said the protesters were "selfishly" continuing the unrest and called on other Hong Kongers to drop their support for the movement, The South China Morning Post reported. But the president has suggested that it's a matter for China to handle, though he also has said that no violence should be used.

The US State Department said in a travel advisory Friday that Beijing has undertaken a propaganda campaign "falsely accusing the United States of fomenting unrest in Hong Kong".

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Numerous demonstrators are students, and while the new school year started last week, protesters say there is no sign of the movement ebbing as a deep and lasting rift has grown between citizens and authorities.

Locals have marched in historic numbers in multiple peaceful rallies while smaller groups of more hardcore protesters have clashed with police, with escalating violence on both sides.

For months Lam struck a defiant tone and refused to yield to protesters.

Lam has asserted that Beijing respects and supports her decision, but Chen Kuide, executive chairman of the Princeton China Society, said Beijing's low-key response likely indicates some dissatisfaction.

James, who says she was pepper-sprayed by police over the weekend while taking photos, has covered the protests since they began and said interactions with the police have gradually deteriorated over the past three months, particularly when journalists try to document arrests of anti-government protesters.

Analysts say it is hard to predict what Beijing's next move might be.

As has become clear today, the deal has since been resisted by China with X Jinping's rise to power proving to be the major catalyst. He has said he believes the USA trade war with China is making Beijing tread carefully.

Officials are also gearing up for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China on October 1, with huge celebrations planned.

"Are you insane?" was hung from the overpass, and protesters repeatedly chanted slogans such as "USA", and "Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong". Unlike the sit-in demonstration that forced the airport to shut down operations several weeks ago, the demonstrators now plan to target transportation links to and from the airport.

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