Lam says PR firms declined to help restore Hong Kong’s image

Lam says PR firms declined to help restore Hong Kong’s image

Police fired chemical-laced blue water and tear gas at protesters who lobbed Molotov cocktails outside the Hong Kong government office complex Sunday, as violence flared anew after thousands of pro-democracy supporters marched through downtown in defiance of a police ban. This is a plea for democracy.

Chan pessimistically predicted China will not send in navy forces to crush the Hong Kong instruct circulation for the explanation that police "are in actual fact doing their job for them". Police arrested more than a dozen people and hospital authorities said 25 were injured.

Lawmakers have authored legislation that places the Chinese government on notice that if they further erode the territory's autonomy it will lose the special trade status for Hong Kong.

Ho said China's clampdown in Hong Kong marked a test for all who believe in a world that is "free, open and civil".

'If Hong Kong falls, it would easily become the springboard for the totalitarian regime of China to push its rules and priorities overseas, utilizing its economic powers to conform others to their communist values, ' she said.

A protester holds placards as he takes part in a march to the USA consulate during a demonstration on September 8 in Hong Kong, China.

The turmoil is beginning to hit the economy of the financial hub.

The leader is being pressurized by Beijing to eradicate the anger that is stirring the protests.

"If the protests don't subside before the anniversary of the 70th year of the People's Republic, then that could be seen as a significant failure, not just for the Chinese Communist Party but for Xi Jinping himself", says Mr. Lyons Jones.

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"It seems the USA -along with its "all-weather friend" across the Atlantic, which can not even manage to clear the Brexit mess of its own making-is hell-bent on doing something stupid, as usual, given the way it has rolled out the red carpet for secessionist Joshua Wong in NY and Washington", the China Daily editorial said.

Hong Kong's leader, Carrie Lam, said on September 17 she and her team would begin dialogue sessions with the community next week, while reiterating that violence that has roiled the city over three months of protests must end. "Hong Kong and mainland China have very different political systems and political cultures".

"We see businesses profiting" in China, she said.

Wong said he hopes historians will celebrate the US Congress for having stood on the side of the people of Hong Kong, human rights and democracy.

Students indicated they wouldn't give their names because they feared reprisal against family in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong protesters have rallied outside the U.S. consulate in an effort to garner worldwide support, but U.S. President Donald Trump's administration has maintained a low profile on the issue.

Beijing and Lam have already accused the United States of interference and China summoned Germany's ambassador after Wong visited the European power.

A number of the leaders in Hong Kong pro-democracy movement testified in front of the Congressional-Executive Commission on China, held in the United States, today.

Joshua Wong, a Hong Kong activist who has been jailed multiple times, told lawmakers that Hong Kong is a "police state", where every demonstration is automatically an illegal assembly that results in violent police arrest and where protesters gather amid a mounting Chinese military troop present across the border.

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