Toomey: Trump Talks 'Constructive' on Background Checks Bill

Toomey: Trump Talks 'Constructive' on Background Checks Bill

Chelsea Parsons, vice president of Gun Violence Prevention Policy at the Center for American Progress, said she believes there has been significant progress since Congress came back to town.

"They may not support what we are trying to accomplish, which is background checks on commercial sales, because they want to go much further and confiscate people's firearms", said Toomey.

"There are any number of tweaks that would be possible, there would be adjustments", Toomey said.

In a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll, 89 percent support background checks for all gun purchases, including private and gun show sales; and 86 percent back "red flag" laws allowing the police to take guns from individuals found by a judge to be a danger.

Democrats are also pressing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to take up House-passed legislation that would expand background checks to cover virtually all gun sales and to extend the time that federally-licensed dealers must wait to hear back from the Federal Bureau of Investigation before proceeding with a sale.

Speaking to reporters in the Oval Office shortly after the call, Trump said he and lawmakers were "working very, very hard together" and "seeing if we can come up with something that's acceptable to everybody". "The president said that we should be able to hear back from his staff by tomorrow".

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Pat Toomey is making an attempt to revive his bipartisan history verify bill with West Virginia's Joe Manchin. "I'm not going to predict a time frame for this". The president's statements on gun safety have been "all over the lot", Schumer said Monday.

While Murphy still puts the odds of a deal at "less than 50-50", he was heartened that President Trump was "very engaged" and "asking questions" in their conversation.

The four policies the governors urged the president to work with Congress to pass are: universal background checks, assault weapon and high-capacity magazine bans, stricter reporting requirements to keep guns out of the hands of people deemed unsafe by mental health professionals and the Extreme Risk Protection Order that would prevent anyone who poses a risk to themselves or others from purchasing a gun.

Senators, anxious to capture any shred of momentum and in an abbreviated time period before the next week-long recess, are pushing for a decision as soon as possible. I've talked with Senator Murphy.

"It's a good day to think about what the heroes of 9/11 did for us and the sacrifices that they made to rush into the towers, the first responders".

"Nearly 100 people every single day die in this country as a result of gun violence, and yes I will never let you forget that my son Jordan was one of them", McBath said.

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