Top US court allows Trump asylum restrictions to take effect

Top US court allows Trump asylum restrictions to take effect

According to Refugee International, the ruling by the Supreme Court was a blow to the desperate needs of asylum seekers at the southern border.

Justice Department spokesperson Alexei Woltornist said the agency was "pleased that the Supreme Court intervened in this case", adding, "This action will assist the Administration in its objectives to bring order to the crisis at the southern border, close loopholes in our immigration system, and discourage frivolous claims".

Curbing migration to the United States has been a key goal of his presidency and forms a major part of his bid for re-election in 2020.

Groups challenging the policy in court say that it violates the USA refugee act and the United Nations refugee convention guaranteeing the right to seek asylum to those fleeing persecution.

In her dissent, Sotomayor said that the government's rule may be in significant tension with the asylum statute.

While it is not a final ruling on the issue, the decision is nonetheless a major victory for Trump and his effort to restrict immigration because it allows the asylum ban to be enforced at the southern border while the dispute wends its way through the courts. Congress had refused to appropriate the money, and a federal judge in Oakland and the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco blocked the transfer.

They were both trumped by Supreme Court, which will allow the asylum restriction to remain in place until the underlying legality of the rule is determined at trial.

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The administration announced in July a new policy that would deny asylum to anyone who passes through another country on their way to the US without seeking protection there first, therefore effecting nearly all migrants who arrive at the US-Mexico border.

"We are looking at a potentially devastating situation at the southern border", Lee Gelernt of the American Civil Liberties Union told NPR. "The life of countless numbers of people are at stake".

The Supreme Court in November will consider whether the Trump administration acted lawfully when it cancelled an Obama-era program, called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, that provided benefits to undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children.

"The court should not permit such a tectonic change to USA asylum law", Gelerny wrote in a response to the excessive courtroom's transient order.

"We are gravely disappointed the nation's highest court has lifted an injunction on a policy that-by barring asylum to anyone, including families and unaccompanied children who passes through a third country, is contrary to long-established U.S. practice", it said. The Court's approval on Wednesday means that the administration can implement the new asylum rules as the case goes through the appeal process.

The administration said the rule screens out asylum claims that are unlikely to succeed and "deters aliens without a genuine need for asylum from making the arduous and potentially risky journey from Central America to the United States".

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