Boeing, Porsche Partner up to Create an Electric Flying Car — Premium Mobility

Boeing, Porsche Partner up to Create an Electric Flying Car — Premium Mobility

However, it was noted that the agreement also involves Porsche and Boeing's subsidiary, Aurora Flight Sciences, who will reportedly work on all-electric VTOL, or "vertical takeoff and landing" vehicles.

Is the future of affordable travel self-flying cars and electric planes?

This partnership will join various global teams from each brand to research air mobility, study what a premium segment of these vehicles could look like, and contemplate possible use cases.

Boeing said no one was on board the vehicle and it only lasted one minute. Instead, they're looking at electric propulsion for it.

We've already seen a number of tech companies lay out ambitions to head to the skies, with taxis and ridesharing services in particular leading the way. They're aiming to explore what they call "a potential key market segment of the future".

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This next bit from the Porsche press release may cause a similar amount of discomfort: "Porsche is looking to enhance its scope as a sports vehicle manufacturer by becoming a leading brand for premium mobility".

That's because they believe that the urban air mobility market will pick up by 2025, and they want to have a head start in the game. The study also suggested that urban air mobility vehicles will transport passengers, quicker and more efficiently that traditional modes of transportation at a lower cost as well.

Boeing has also stated its goal of crafting a flying auto system.

Boeing previously showcased a flying vehicle earlier this year at a small airport outside of Washington D.C. The prototype is approximately 30 feet long and 28 feet wide and is created to fly upwards of 50 miles. "That future is not that far away".

Both firms will collaborate on building and testing a prototype of the vehicle based on the concept design. "We are also investing in the ecosystem that will allow that to operate safely and reliably as it must".

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