Google Pixel 4 price leak suggests higher cost than Pixel 3

Google Pixel 4 price leak suggests higher cost than Pixel 3

The Pixel 4 launches next week, and the new Google phone should be available for preorder soon after the press conference.

Unlike Apple - that lowered prices of iPhone 11 series (compared to its predecessors) - what's coming to light regarding Google'e upcoming Pixel 4 devices is pretty much a disappointing leak, considering it states something opposite to the earlier leaks that suggested a price drop.

The Pixel 4 and the Pixel 4 XL will at last get their official unveiling on October 15, and we believe Google might have a few other hardware surprises in store too.

Google Pixel smartphones are well regarded for their Nightscape mode, but with Pixel 4, the company has taken this a step further. Pixel 4 series also runs Android 10, it is obvious that the phone will not ship before that date.

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The Pixel 4 will start at CAD $US1,049.95 for the 64GB model, while the 128GB model will cost CAD $US1,199.95.

Ever since their debut, Google Pixel smartphones have been touted as one of the best camera smartphones running on Android OS.

Even as Google Pixel 4 renders show no dedicated fingerprint sensor, the new flagship will bet big on an advanced facial recognition technology. The higher specs could also eat up the battery faster unless Google has introduced some drastic power optimizations that will make those factors negligible. Google also said that you can unlock the phone in any orientation you want, even holding it upside down.

The Motion sensing feature on Pixel 4 remain one of the most-anticipated usable features on a smartphone. Google has already confirmed the Pixel 4 will boast multiple lenses on its rear, as opposed to previous Pixels that have relied exclusively on a single sensor. Great day time photography is expected, but lowlight imaging is now so much better. If we are to go by the leaks, Pixel 4/4 XL will see a considerable rise in the price segment. The two phones will be powered by 2,800mAh and 3,700mAh battery respectively. Both devices are proudly embodied with an advanced processor, Snapdragon 855, and 6GB of RAM.

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