Modern Warfare Special Ops detailed, including PS4 exclusive mode

Modern Warfare Special Ops detailed, including PS4 exclusive mode

Activision has revealed more about what we've got to look forward to in the Special Ops mode that will be included with the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare reboot coming later this month.

In an effort to connect the three main game modes of Modern Warfare into one coherent thread, you'll be taking on these Special Ops in various configurations that also help advance the game's story. These four-player, matchmaking-supported activities unfold around the city of Verdansk, and pit players with destroying the logistics of the Al-Qatala army.

At launch, there will be four multi-stage Operations available with more scheduled to come throughout the post launch seasons. In some Operations a stealthy approach may be prudent, but hopping into a tank, helicopter, or ATV opens up tactical options.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the first Call of Duty game with full cross-play and cross-progression at launch, which should result in an incredibly healthy playerbase, even by the standards of this juggernaut franchise.

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In this mode, enemies will be reactive to the decisions of your squad, which means that the outcome of the battles can be different based on how your squad plays the mode.

Missions in Special Ops will be "a more curated experience where your proficiency with specific weapons, killstreaks, and other tools will be tested", Activision said.

Missions serve as a focused complement to the more complex Operations, and you can play solo or with up to four players.

As far as the separate Survival Ops mode announced for PS4 is concerned, it is an additional wave-based horde mode known as Special Ops Survival. In Special Ops Survival Mode, you will fight off waves of increasingly hard and determined combatants in a variety of experiences. Equally, any equipment, operators, or loadouts you've unlocked in multiplayer can be used in Spec Ops. We just want clear answers on the MTX system specifically because BO4's MTX system existed purely to wring the consumer out of money, and we'd hate to see that happen to MW.

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