The next 'Fortnite' season might finally include a new map

The next 'Fortnite' season might finally include a new map

Fortnite's next season will arrive soon and it appears to be rebranding the game as Fortnite: Chapter 2 and introduce a new map.

It's possible that Fortnite would forgo a conventional Season 11, or maybe Season 11 will be part of the game's name changing to Fortnite: Chapter 2. That's many more than you'd get with an update to the existing map. The listing also had a video tied to it, which you can see some of here.

For those who've been following Fortnite Season 11 developments closely, the idea of adding a new map alongside the next Battle Pass is hardly a surprise.

A closer look at the leaked artwork also reveals that clouds may finally be coming to the game, even though that's not as big of a deal as something like a new island, of course. However, the map also has some features now present in the existing map.

Here's why there haven't been any teaser images in the lead up to Fortnite "Chapter 2" Season 11.

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But, if the rumours about the Fortnite event destroying the map are true, then this makes sense.

This next chapter of Fortnite is expected to begin on Sunday, Oct. 13 after the season X live event called "The End" concludes. If nothing else, there's a good chance you'll have to rethink play strategies you've known for ages.

Fortnite is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and mobile. In previous seasons, the live event for the season has usually taken place at least week prior to the season ending.

It would be very surprising to have Fortnite players battling it out on a barren, virtually destroyed map for a few days. Tell us in the comments section!

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