Viewership Drops For SmackDown’s Second Week On FOX

Viewership Drops For SmackDown’s Second Week On FOX

The 2019 WWE Draft kicks off this Friday night on SmackDown live from Las Vegas, where two stars with a years-long connection are set to square off in representation of their brands.

WWE is revamping the Raw and SmackDown rosters now that SmackDown has officially moved to Friday night's on FOX, and it'll be interesting to see which new feuds will arise when it's all said and done.

30 Superstars will be eligible to be drafted tomorrow night while 41 Superstars will be eligible on Monday Night.

WWE will hold another four rounds of Draft picks on Monday's Raw from Denver, Colorado at the Pepsi Center.

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The first pick in the draft this Friday will apparently be determined in a match pitting Seth Rollins of Raw against Roman Reigns of Smackdown, to open the show on Friday.

Since Friday Night SmackDown is a two-hour show and Monday Night Raw is a three-hour show, for every two SmackDown picks, Raw will get three. Rather than warring authority figures trying to outdo one another, WWE had Stephanie McMahon reveal which wrestlers FOX and the USA Network wanted. There was never even any consideration of it.

Often, going into the annual draft of talent, rules are murky at best, or, non-existent. "This could change but the whole draft is already done". "I know Nikki and I really want to get those titles back, so does that mean we'll have to go to SmackDown to try to get those back, or RAW?".

Considering WWE's adherence to the 3:2 ratio of superstars between the two brands, I fully expect Raw to end up with the first pick.

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