Blizzard unveils Diablo IV following Blizzcon 2018 fan tantrum

Blizzard unveils Diablo IV following Blizzcon 2018 fan tantrum

At this year's Blizzcon, Blizzard officially announced that Overwatch 2 is now in development. He said that Overwatch 2 had "no idea" about when it was released and that the developers were focused on making a better game. Shacknews is here to talk about everything we know about Overwatch 2 so far. If you're an avid fan of the Diablo lore then you must know that Diablo Immortal takes place between the events of Diablo II and Diablo III.

This particular slice of hopelessness happens right when Lilith makes her triumphant return.

Diablo IV has been "developed using modern technology that pushes the franchise to dark, new depths". You can also set your world to private and eliminate any chance of seeing anyone online. There will be a new open world setting "rooted in unique ecologies and inhabited by unsafe new foes" with extensive customisation options, and no loading screens between dungeons.

Dungeons are still randomised, and exterior dungeons are randomised as well. The Druid will be able to transform from human to werewolf or werebear, and has access to Earth and Storm magic.

As always, the players can expect to fight evil in all shapes and forms and Diablo IV has it all, from cannibalistic cultists to drowned undead that rise from the depths to pull their victims into a very wet graves. The title is now simultaneous development for PC, Xbox One and PS4 but won't be launching in the immediate future with a time frame anywhere up to two years away on the cards.

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What's new in Overwatch 2?

The PvP side of the equation will introduce an all-new game mode called Push. This means that it will be permanently featured on the Quick Play and Competitive menus alongside standard ones like Payload. But we don't want that to get too insane. The game will include a new story mode that explores some of the backstories behind each hero, and also features cross-play with the original game. Beyond that, while I never did really get into Overwatch much, the prospect of co-op story missions has me excited. As for the maps, they've confirmed the locations of Gothenburg, Toronto, Monte Carlo, and Rio de Janeiro.

The other big piece of PvE content has to do with the introduction of the levelling and talent system. The sequel will expand on the familiar maps already present in the original, sending players in groups of four to battle the Null Sector. We'll also fill in the abilities as we find them out.

One of the biggest changes to Diablo 4 is its non-linear campaign that features a shared open world with 5 regions and hundreds of both dungeons and legendary weapons.

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