Facebook changes corporate logo to distinguish products from main app

Facebook changes corporate logo to distinguish products from main app

That means the Facebook app will keep its existing branding, but Facebook plans to use its new logo with the tagline "from Facebook" to distinguish the difference between parent company and product.

"People should know which companies make the products they use", Facebook stated.

Facebook, the corporate parent, owns Instagram and WhatsApp and Oculus and, yes, the social media service also named "Facebook".

On November 4, Facebook separated its parental corporate entity from its ubiquitous social network app and service, creating a new (and boring) logo that will identify all Facebook-owned properties.

The Facebook app will retain its old branding, while other apps will gain a prominent "from Facebook" logo throughout their interface.

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It's part of what Facebook says is a push to clarify to people that the social networking behemoth is actually behind products they engage with every day.

As Facebook chief marketing officer Antonio Lucio said in the company's blog post revealing the new logo, "We're updating our company branding to be clearer about the products that come from Facebook".

The new Facebook Inc logo is expected to be put to use in the "coming weeks" within Facebook products and marketing materials.

It also reflects a long-running attempt by Facebook's to cast itself as a "family of apps", rather than an ageing and monolithic single service propped up by more youthful acquisitions. The new logo will appear on press releases in the future, as well as headline a new corporate website.

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