James Dean 'cast' in new movie, 64 years after death

James Dean 'cast' in new movie, 64 years after death

"This is very bad. the complete lack of understanding here is shameful", tweeted Avengers actor Chris Evans, while Lord of the Rings' Elijah Wood added: "NOPE".

News broke this week that James Dean, who passed away in the 1950s, would be returning to the screen via CGI using actual footage and photos from his life. Directors Anton Ernst and Tati Golykh are to begin shooting November 17.

The plans have been met with fierce criticism online, with Avengers star Chris Evans among those leading the fury, alongside Zelda Williams, daughter of the late Robin Williams. Dean will play a character called Rogan, voiced by another actor, alongside Fletcher Carson, who is the main protagonist in the book. They ultimately decided Dean was the flawless fit for the role, as Rogan is a "very brilliant, complex character" which is "pretty much how James Dean was perceived". "Rogue One", the Star Wars movie written as a lead-in to the original trilogy, used digital effects to bring back Grand Moff Tarkin, the Death Star commander played by Peter Cushing, who died in 1994. He promised that Dean would be realistic. Or generate a couple new John Lennon tunes.

On the other hand, casting Dean in a model new job raises new thoughts about how this engineering could be made use of with other actors in the future.

Dean had just three leading roles before he died in a auto crash in 1955 at the age of 24: "Rebel Without a Cause", "East of Eden" and "Giant".

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Finding Jack will tell of a United States soldier who nurses a wounded yellow Labrador back to health while serving in Vietnam.

"NOPE. this shouldn't be a thing", said "Lord of the Rings" actor Elijah Wood.

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Ernst added that Dean's family considers the picture to be the star's fourth film, "a movie he never got to make".

The film, adapted from Gareth Crocker's novel, focuses on the abandoned military dogs at the end of the controversial war in the 1960s, and the directors have obtained the rights from the actor's family to use his image.

But many people, including celebrities, weren't happy about the casting, and expressed their frustration on Twitter. Anton Ernst, who is one of the directors of Finding Jack, went on to point out that they will take every precaution to ensure that Dean's legacy will be intact. "I have talked to friends about this for YEARS and no one ever believed me that the industry would stoop this low once tech got better", she wrote in a first message. "We do not intend to let his fans down".

Visual effects have resurrected the images of other film actors.

Mark Roesler, chairman and chief executive of CMG, defended the usage of Dean and said the company has represented his family for decades.

Production for the film starts in a little over a week with a release date slated for Veterans Day 2020.

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