Multistate salmonella outbreak causes one death - CDC

Multistate salmonella outbreak causes one death - CDC

So far, the beef responsible for these infections has not traced to a specific producer or supplier, but the CDC will continue to investigate the matter.

The patients were between 48 and 74 years and 80% of them were male, the agency said. The outbreak has killed one person (in California) and sent eight others to the hospital, the CDC said.

The illnesses reportedly started between August 8 and September 22.

The agency warns that more victims are likely in the coming days, as it takes two to four weeks for the bacteria to manifest.

Whole genome sequencing analysis did not identify any antibiotic resistance in 16 bacterial isolates from 10 ill people and 6 food specimens.

The "likely source" of the outbreak that has affected people in six states is ground beef, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Of the 8 individuals interviewed, 6 (75%) reported eating ground beef at home. The CDC notes that testing of clinical isolates using standard antibiotic susceptibility testing methods through the CDC's National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System is now underway.

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The CDC said that people who fell ill after eating the ground beef had reported eating different types and brands of the product purchased from various locations.

The outbreak has been identified in six states.

The CDC is not advising that consumers stop eating thoroughly cooked ground beef or that retailers stop selling ground beef. Samples from slaughter and processing establishments were collected as part of FSIS's routine testing under the Salmonella performance standards. Rather, it is reminding the public to not eat raw or undercooked ground beef, and to use a food thermometer to the make sure the meat reaches a safe internal temperature when cooking. Typically, an illness will last 4 to 7 days, most people recover without treatment, but sometimes an illness can be so bad a patient will need to be hospitalized.

For more information on the outbreak, visit the visit the CDC's website.

The Dublin strain of Salmonella is a less common form of the infection, but no less harmful.

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