New update lets Tesla cars detect traffic cones

New update lets Tesla cars detect traffic cones

Tesla has added a new software update for its electric cars which will improve the driving visualization of all Tesla vehicle models including the Model S, X, and the Model 3.

Cars, pedestrians, trucks, and even motorcyclists are depicted as icons that signify each of those things, and now traffic cones will come up as orange cones on the screen as well. It intends to enable full self-driving in the future, and that would require cars that could identify and deal with virtually any object on road. As per some early users, they have warned that the Autopilot does not always identify the cones, possibly leading to unsafe lane changes-like navigating one into construction or into oncoming traffic. Naturally, this means that Autopilot won't be able to make the right decisions based on those.

"The driving visualization now displays traffic cones". Now the screen on Tesla cars will show more detailed information about the road, surrounding vehicles, pedestrians on the road, and more. That's a small yet important addition that allows both auto and driver to see what's on the road as it is visualized in the system's display.

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The addition of cone icons is a big improvement for Navigate on Autopilot, the semi-autonomous driving system that can automatically change lanes for the driver on certain highways (though the driver must still pay attention, with hands on the wheel).

Unfortunately, it seems that experiences with the new feature are mixed, with some auto owners complaining that Autopilot fails to detect certain types of cones and, therefore, steers them in the wrong lane.

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